MASCEC launches several job-skill certification programs

Dec 22, 2015

2015 09 17 06.25.41 - MASCEC launches several job-skill certification programs

Salem County Freeholders enthusiastically back the new forklift training program.

Mid-Atlantic States Career and Education Center (MASCEC) announces the launching of several job-skill certification programs for businesses and individuals in the South Jersey region.

Staying true to the Mid-Atlantic States vision of providing career training and education to its clients, the Specialized Training Programs aim to empower employees with nationally recognized certificates in a number of today’s growing industries, particularly food services, warehousing and technology. The programs will strengthen local businesses by assisting them to meet new safety regulations and to improve the productivity of their employees.

Mid-Atlantic States currently offers the following programs:


Food establishments in Salem County face new public health regulations that primarily revolve around training of employees and the implementation of these skills in everyday food service. ServSafe® certified instructor and MASCEC employee Derek Gatling, manager of community affairs, has held three food-handling classes certifying more than 30 potential employees and 25 food safety managers throughout Burlington and Salem counties.

Mid-Atlantic has been proud to partner with many difference industry agencies on many of its programs. For ServSafe, Mid-Atlantic teamed up with the Salem County Health Department. 

In addition to training current employees, the food handler’s course is being taught in the Salem County Correctional Facility and several youth programs.

Forklift Operation National Certification:

The Forklift National Certification program meets the needs of the growing warehouse and distribution occupation in Salem and Gloucester Counties. Modern day warehousing and distribution depends extensively on the use of high tech forklifts for both in-coming and out-going products. 

This program, which meets OSHA Safety Training Standards, begins with classroom instruction and then continues in a genuine warehouse setting on Hubbell Avenue in Salem City.  The 60,000-square-foot, long-vacated facility is being restored, utilizing actual loading docks and xx-foot racks in client training. Participants will gain experience operating equipment such as a county balance forklift, order picker, reach lift and a sit-down electric pallet jack.

Experienced and certified forklift operators earn good wages and contribute to the overall profitability of the business through increased productivity and reduced accidents.

Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Program:

In an age where technology can impact nearly every aspect of a business, potential employees must demonstrate exceptional computer skills. Mid-Atlantic States is on the brink of launching a Microsoft Office 2010 Specialist (MOS) Certification program to offer three certification levels, allowing individuals to validate their skills to employers.

For more information on Mid-Atlantic’s Specialized Certification Programs, call 856-514-2200 or visit the website at

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