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Sep 8, 2016

Salem County Announces Free Transportation and Free Meals For Some Residents


Glenn Donelson, the Director of Mid-Atlantic States Career & Education Center speaks about the expanded meal program in Pittsgrove.

Salem County officials announced the official expansion of their transportation program on Tuesday morning.

For decades, Salem County has provided its senior citizens with transportation to get to the store, doctor’s appointments, and even the county’s nutrition center. There are 14 vehicles used to pick up Salem County’s senior citizens or disabled population.

And whether it was a quick stop at the grocery store or to a doctor’s appointment the cost had always been $6 round trip, but now that has changed.

“We in Salem County are going to waive the fee that senior citizens and disabled folks can ride transportation to get to important appointments, mainly medical appointments,” said Salem County Freeholder Bob Vanderslice. “…it’s a cooperative effort between the Salem County Health and Wellness Foundation, Mid-Atlantic and the Casino Fund that’s available.”

With the new funding comes expanded services – making it easier for residents to reach health providers that are further away. And a little over 1,000 trips are taken monthly, with well over half of those are for medical reasons.

“Sometimes seniors and disabled people rely on others for transportation. This is a way we can help them out,” said Freeholder Director Julie Acton.


Julie Acton, Freeholder Director of Salem County being interviewed about the county programs.

Along with waiving that transportation fee for medical visits, it will now cost seniors absolutely nothing to stop by the nutrition center in Pittsgrove to get a healthy meal. The center, which is managed by the Mid-Atlantic States Career & Education Center, acts also as a social hub where seniors can interact with others.


Seniors at Mid-Atlantic States Career & Education Center’s nutrition center in Pittsgrove

“We’re happy to be doing the program because it gives the seniors a place to go for socialization and also for a couple of good meals a day,” said Glenn Donelson, the Director of Mid-Atlantic States Career & Education Center.

Any resident that is disabled or older than 60 is eligible to use the transportation to get to the center or for medical reasons free of charge. To schedule a pickup or for information call 856-339-8622.


The Specialized Transportation Program in Salem County being expanded.


Bob Vanderslice, Freeholder of Salem County being interviewed about the county programs.