Supported Employment Program: Helping Clients Obtain and Maintain Employment

Apr 19, 2022

Support EmploymentIndividuals with a psychiatric diagnosis sometimes need assistance obtaining and maintaining employment.
Mid-Atlantic States Career and Education Center’s Supported Employment Program does just that.

“Our program provides the tools to find each client a job that fits into their life on either a full-time or part-time basis,” said Supported Employment Training Specialist Walter Donelson, MASCEC’s Manager of Operations. “We will do our best to consistently provide the support you need even after your job is attained, assisting in your continued growth.”

Supported Employment services are specifically designed to assist individuals in preparing for employment, searching, locating, obtaining and maintaining meaningful jobs within the communities.

Job Preparation

Everyone has unique needs when it comes to preparing for a job. MASCEC helps clients prepare by:

  • Dealing with their feelings, doubts and fears associated with entering or returning to the workforce.
  • Aligning the client’s personal needs with their professional interests for employment.
  • Helping clients learn to maintain a personal and professional health and wellness balance.
  • Explaining how holding a job may affect SSI/DI benefits.

Job Search/Interviewing Techniques

Through the Supported Employment program, clients learn to:

  • Search for a job.
  • Write a resume.
  • Complete a job application.
  • Participate in a job interview.
  • Continue networking and following job leads.

Job Coaching

Once the client obtains a job, MASCEC will:

  • Provide coaching to maintain employment.
  • Coach the client on how to grow within the company.

“What sets us apart from most programs is the willingness to assist our clients in not only job skills, but also basic life skills such as understanding paychecks, benefits, 401K plans and budgeting,” said Mr. Donelson. “We have your back. We’re here for you.”

For more information about Supported Employment, call 856-514-2200 or email .