New Partnership will Benefit Local Students

Jul 16, 2020

I am climate smart buttonMid-Atlantic States Career and Education Center has begun a partnership with Cornell and Rutgers Institutes for Climate Smart Solutions to the changing environment in which we live. An important focus of this initiative is educating young people about the issue that will affect their lives in the future. Changes in the climate will affect every part of their lives including how food is raised, the foods they eat, how they cool and heat their homes, and a host of other issues. Students and all citizens need to understand the science behind these changes and how do we find solutions to the problems as they arise

Several events and curriculums are being planned with schools and other audiences.

Gateway students were the first to be exposed to the issue on their visit to the Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions. Rutgers University is working with MASCEC to develop a Teen Leadership Program for the States of NJ that will be initiated as soon as the Pandemic problem is solved.

Melissa Eckstein, Career and Internship Facilitator at the Gateway Regional High School District, expressed her thanks to Mid-Atlantic States Career and Education Center. “While 2020 was a year wrought with uncertainty, your commitment to mentoring young Gators during their career research remained steadfast. We appreciate you supporting our students. Sooner than later, these students will become our future workforce. Therefore, it is so important successful and professional mentors like you guide them.”

Once again, we appreciate your support of our Gateway2Careers program, and we look forward to our continued partnership with you,” Ms. Eckstein said, with gratitude. “Stay well, have a wonderful summer and never doubt your positive influence on young people.”